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DDC History

     DDC originally started in Baja California Mexico under the name of Distribuidora Electrica DCH C.V. ( DCH ) in the early 1980s. The North American Trade Treaty between United States, Canada, and Mexico has created unprecedented opportunities for Both Mexico and DDC / DCH in the early 1990s, enabling DDC / DCH to grow with the booming economy. Thus lead DCH to become one of the known leaders of the electrical supplier in Mexico. With service excellence, quality products, honest pricing, and customer satisfaction, we have earned repeated business with our client. Through the years, both positive experience and continuous growth, company decided to develop supporting branch stores within the neighboring cities in the United States. Which lead to the grand opening of DDC El Centro California in 1997, DDC South El Monte in 2000 following is DDC Plumbing in 2008 and our newest location is DDC Westminster in 2014.


DDC Services


Company Experience

30 years in business, have handled project of all sizes, able to support customers to and above standard on all project needs. Specialize and experienced in exporting electric goods.


Knowledgeable Associates

DDC Associates are one of the primary reasons our company has been so successful. It is their commitment to Customer satisfaction and product knowledge that has enabled DDC to consistently provide exceptional service.



Product Delivery

DDC is fully committed to meet the customers demands, which includes product delivery. While meeting our order policy, we will deliver quality products to where you want, and when you want it.


Inventory Management

DDC's inventory is based upon our Customers' requirements. We have stocks on many of the not so often "turned" items, often satisfying our customers who is short of waiting time. Our inventory are not based on financially based inventory models, our customer's experience are direct result of our inventory levels. Our quality associates who know the product are the prime asset in managing such efficiency.


Customer Satisfaction is our motto; we want the opportunity to earn your business; we know that our people and experience can work for you. You can depend on DDC for a commitment to Service Excellence, and for smart people who know your business needs. At DDC we know the product and know how to provide you with the outstanding service levels you require, and we thank you for doing business with us.






Nace en la década de los 80's bajo el nombre de Eléctrica Edison, para en poco tiempo convertirse en la mejor opción en material eléctrico para el mercado de Baja California, a principios de 1990 cambia su razón social y a partir de entonces en el nombre llevamos el compromiso.
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